What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is more of a business model than something technical. Cloud application providers build applications and run it themselves. The customer logs in and uses the application and the provider charges them per transaction. These providers are said to be “on the cloud”.

Google docs is an application on the cloud. The Google Doc application runs on Google servers and is made available to users at realtime. Some clients prefer this model because they don’t have to bother with the set up and maintenance of the installations.
For example a company may build an online CRM application or a Health Care application, and clients may subscribe to it and pay for the use. The servers running cloud applications may need to service huge loads depending on the demand.

Security violation is always a concern, for instance, for health care clients and banking clients, because the client’s private data runs on these remote servers, but if the cloud vendor provides sufficient data/processes etc, then customers are all right with it. For instance the cloud vendor may have to adhere to the client’s audit requirements about network security, processes, etc.

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