Validating the sex field

It was a boring day at the office. We were doing some validation stuff on a couple of web pages. The team clown was doing some UI work on a page that had a textfield asking the user to enter his/ her sex. The valid options were Male, Female, Not Applicable.
The validation stuff done, the clown was trying to come up with an error message to display to the user on invalid entry.
“Sex is required”, he muttered to himself.
The team wit laughed out loud and repeated, “Of course, SEX is required!”.
The clown then said, how about “Sex is mandatory?”
“Yeah”, echoed the wit, “SEX is mandatory.”
Now we were all in splits.
Suddenly the team whiz came running into the cubicle with breaking news. “The requirements have changed. Sex is no longer mandatory, it is optional.”
We all cried out loud in unision. “Of course, SEX is not required, it is optional.”
So much for boring work hours.

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Matty Jacob - Avid technical blogger with interests in J2EE, Web Application Servers, Web frameworks, Open source libraries, Relational Databases, Web Services, Source control repositories, ETL, IDE Tools and related technologies.

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